Wednesday , January 27 2021
Strapped for Funds, Inland Empire Cities Look to Levy TaxesStrapped for Funds, Inland Empire Cities Look to Levy Taxes
Strapped for Funds, Inland Empire Cities Look to Levy Taxes

Apple Valley voters to vote on sales tax

The Apple Valley Town Council has unanimously agreed to place a one percent sales tax before voters this Nov. 3.

If approved, the tax would generate approximately $7 million annually for the town’s general fund, which pays for law enforcement, road construction, park improvements, community events, and recreation programs, according to a statement on the town’s website.

It also provides reserves for emergencies.

“Each of us recognizes the importance of this moment,” said Mayor Scott Nassif,” in the statement. “Our revenues either have to increase or we will be forced to make drastic cuts to public safety and amenities, services and staff, and ultimately change the lifestyle of Apple Valley.”

Apple Valley’s sales tax revenues are lower than other High Desert cities, mostly because of the town’s lack of freeway frontage, which helps generate business and sales from interstate travelers and commuters. 

The town’s estimated sales tax revenues for the fiscal year 2020-21 is $6.4 million. In comparison, Hesperia expects to receive $9 million and Victorville $20.5 million in sales tax revenue during that time, according to the statement.

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