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Water levels at Lake Mead hit record lows

Inland Empire Business News August 15th, 2014.001

Lake Mead is at its lowest level since the 1930s, when Hoover Dam was built and the lake was first filled in. Federal officials are preparing to release a new projection on the lake, which currently at 39 percent capacity, according to an Associated Press report. Lake Mead is currently …

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Liberal (ever-so-slightly) Riverside

Inland Empire Business News March, 2014.004

Riverside a bastion of liberalism? Well, not quite. But the city did rank as mildly left-of-center politically in a study conducted by Professors Chris Warshaw of MIT and Chris Tausanovitch of UCLA, the results of which appear in this month’s edition of American Political Science Review. Both academics brought together …

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Radical water-saving legislation being considered

Inland Empire Business News August 12, 2014.002

Legislators in Sacramento are working with Gov. Jerry Brown to craft legislation that would regulate groundwater pumping for the first time in the state’s history. Farmers and cities that tap into California’s underground aquifers – the state’s largest source of water – historically have had no limits on how much …

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Upgrade of home water fixtures would save water

Inland Empire Nursery to Reduce Water Use

California can do much to ease its drought crisis by upgrading older homes with modern fixtures, according to an official with the California Building Industry Association. “More than half of the state’s 7.5 million homes were constructed before 1980, which means they are still equipped with old fixtures that use …

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Steve Adams Discusses Affordable Care Act with Local Doctors

Inland Empire Business News for April 1.002

On August 4, Riverside City Councilman and congressional candidate Steve Adams took the time to meet with several doctors in Riverside County. His goal was to learn how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) had affected their practices, specifically in regards to their ability to care for patients. What he learned, …

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Mixed verdicts in Colonies case

Inland Empire news by IE Biz Hub.002

Both sides received favorable rulings Wednesday in the Colonies corruption trial. San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Michael A. Smith upheld charges of bribery and misappropriation of public funds against Rancho Cucamonga developer Jeff Burum and three former county officials. Smith also declined to dismiss all of the charges based …

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