Wednesday , June 7 2023
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City recognized for innovation

Riverside has been named one of the top five U.S. cities for innovation by an online publication.

Governing magazine, which covers state and local government nationwide, named Riverside one of the top “Equipt to Innovate” cities, according to a statement.

The survey measures how well cities perform in strategic planning and data-driven performance, It was done in partnership with Living Cities, an New York non-profit that works with philanthropists and foundations to help low-income families.

More than 60 cities participated in the survey, which did not assign an order to its top five. Riverside was also recognized for its strong performance in the survey’s “dynamically planned” and “broadly partnered” categories, according to the statement.

The dynamically planned category acknowledges cities that line up their department’s with a specific strategic goal, such a Riverside’s 2.0 program, which seeks to make the city more customer-friendly.

The “broadly partnered” category credits cities that gather and use much information from public and private sources, according to the statement.

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