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Inland Empire News for April 2.002
Inland Empire News for April 2.002

Good news on the jobs front

July was another good month for U.S. job growth.

The economy added 209,000 jobs in July, the sixth consecutive month that the economy added at least 200,000 jobs, according to data released Friday by the U.S. Department.

Despite that improvement, the national unemployment rate rose slightly to 6.2 percent, up one percentage point compared with June, as more workers entered the labor force.

Professional and business services, manufacturing and construction posted the strongest gains, with both large corporations and small businesses adding workers, according to the data.

Not all of the jobs report was positive: the number or part-time workers who would like to work more hours stayed at 7.5 million, and the number of people who have been out of work for six months or more essentially remained unchanged, at 3.2 million.

The latter number represents about one-third of the country’s total unemployed, according to the labor department.

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