Tuesday , June 18 2024
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Inland Empire Businesses Get Sound Advice.001

Inland cities to merge their fire departments

Montclair and Upland have agreed to combine their fire departments.

Both city councils on Monday approved a two-year pilot program, with both staffs expected to begin working on the merger next January, according to a report published in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

The goal is for both departments to drop their service boundaries by June, and for the closest fire engine and paramedic units to respond to a call regardless of where the emergency occurs.

Upland Fire Chief Rick Mayhew will serve as chief of both departments. He will also serve as fire marshal, with Upland paying 67 percent of his salary and Montclair paying 33 percent, according to the report.

Both cities will retain control of their departments and will set their own policies. Talks of merging the two departments began during the spring of 2012, when both cities were considering outsourcing fire services to save money.

Montclair expects to save $476,000 under the new arrangement.

No layoffs or cuts in pay will happen because of the merger, but Montclair will eliminate six firefighter positions that are currently not filled, according to the report.

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