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It’s Still Smart to Stand with Trump

By Ed Hoffman

Has Donald Trump stepped in it a few times over the past week? Of course. I won’t try to pretend like he hasn’t.

But I’m defending him anyway, because 1.) he’s not a polished politician and there is value in that and 2.) people underrate the importance of having the talent to not only come up with a plan, but execute it so that things actually get done. Making things happen is harder than it looks. Erecting high rise buildings in multiple states and countries, much less in Manhattan, is talent; putting together businesses of every kind, most of which have been successful, is talent. If you give your kid $1,000 and he makes it into $10 million, that shows some talent. Trump took $1 million and turned it into $10 billion. That’s the kind of talent we need in a President.

Plus, have we ever heard any women come forward to say they have been taken advantage of by Trump? No. Have we heard that he’s a womanizer – not 20 or 30 years ago, but recently? (Looking at you, Ted Cruz.) No. Here’s what I have heard from people I speak to who know him personally: That he’s a fair businessman. That’s he treats women respectfully. That he’s a good man. This is what I have heard firsthand from people who actually know him, including women.

As for these polls that show such massive dislike for Trump among women, I’m not sure they’re all that accurate. I can certainly understand why women would dislike Hillary Clinton, though: She’s condescending, which women hate. She doesn’t seem to hold much esteem for motherhood, which is something most women are offended by (despite what the left wants us to believe). And of course, she lies – and lies, and lies, and lies. Ask any man who has experience in that arena how much women like being lied to.

So as far as Hillary is concerned, what’s to like? That’s how I think intelligent women are approaching this. And, PS: Intelligent women aren’t single-issue voters. That’s just a lie the liberals want us to believe.

Now, do intelligent conservative women like Trump’s answer when he was asked if women should be punished for getting abortions? Probably not, but they also understand how the liberal media works. They understand that it was a leading question by Chris Matthews, who has never tried to hide his agenda when doing his job. Remember, this is the guy who had a “thrill up my leg” at the sound of Obama’s voice. We know what he’s about.

So here’s who I agree with most right now, and he’s someone with a long history of appealing to women: Scott Baio (yes, Chachi). Here are a few comments he made to Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business this weekend:

  • “This is the country we grew up in. There are certain values that I cherish…and they’re just being eroded every day.” Which candidate is committed to bringing those back? It’s in his slogan. And I believe him.
  • “I think he’s a friend to Israel, which I like.” So do I, as an American of Jewish origin.
  • “(He talks) the way you and I grew up, it’s a direct language – you don’t need a political decoder ring to understand what he’s saying.” Exactly.
  • “I don’t blame Obama…I don’t agree with anything the guy does, but the Republicans had every opportunity to stop him, and they just laid down.”
  • “(Republicans) lose elections because they don’t ever want to fight. You fight to win.”

There’s only one person in this race with that attitude, and I think you know who he is. So that’s who I’m behind now, and I know many smart women who are too.

Ed Hoffman is host of The Main Event on AM590, which airs Saturday 9:30 AM- 10:30 AM and Sunday 4:00 PM- 5:00 PM. Follow him on Twitter @EdHoffman, and like him on Facebook by searching The Main Event 590.

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