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Inland Empire Business News March, 2014.004
Inland Empire Business News March, 2014.004

Liberal (ever-so-slightly) Riverside

Riverside a bastion of liberalism?

Well, not quite.

But the city did rank as mildly left-of-center politically in a study conducted by Professors Chris Warshaw of MIT and Chris Tausanovitch of UCLA, the results of which appear in this month’s edition of American Political Science Review.

Both academics brought together seven surveys that combined include more than one quarter of a million people.

In general, the study confirmed the conventional wisdom that large urban areas tend to be more left-of center politically. San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Seattle rated the three most liberal cities in the United States, followed by Oakland, Ca. and Boston.

Mesa, Az., Oklahoma City, Virginia Beach, Colorado Springs and Jacksonville, Fla, were ranked the five most conservative cities in the country, according to the survey.

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