Tuesday , May 28 2024
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Inland Empire Braces for Shopping Season.002
Inland Empire Braces for Shopping Season.002

Minimum wage hike to take effect

Hourly workers in California will soon see a slight bump in their paychecks.

Effective Today, the state’s mandatory minimum wage will go from $8 to $9 per hour, the first increase in six years.

The increase, which was introduced in a bill by Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Salinas, in 2012, will also raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour on Jan. 1, 2016.

Gov. Brown signed the bill into law last September after it passed the state Assembly and Senate on virtual party-line votes.

Some workers, including outside sales persons, workers who are related to their employer, some apprentices and people who are mentally or physically disabled can be declared exempt from the increase. Otherwise, workers must be paid at least $9 an hour, according to the state Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

It is not known how many people in Riverside and San Bernardino counties work at a minimum-wage job.

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