Tuesday , June 18 2024

Not Letting it Go

By Ed Hoffman

It’s only been seven months since Hillary Clinton said during a debate with Bernie Sanders, “There should be no bank too big to fail, and no individual too powerful to jail” – but now, that attempt at coining a rhyming campaign catchphrase is coming back to bite her. Well, at least we thought it would. Apparently Hillary Clinton is too powerful to jail, even though the FBI confirmed that she put top secret information at risk (and therefore, put the entire nation at risk) by using a private email account to discuss sensitive government business while she was Secretary of State.

Thanks to FBI Director James Comey allowing himself to be influenced by the Department of Justice, Hillary’s team, or perhaps the President himself (despite claims that there was “no outside influence of any kind” in his investigation), there will be no criminal indictment of Hillary or any of her cohorts who conspired to help her shield 30,000 messages on a private email server, delete several thousand of those messages (the FBI doesn’t say exactly how many), and then lie about details like:

  • How many mobile devices she used (she says one; the FBI says several)
  • Whether any of the emails were classified (she says none; the FBI says 110 in 52 email chains, with 8 being top secret, 36 being secret and another 8 being confidential, plus another 2,000 that were “up-classified” to confidential later)
  • Whether anyone she was emailing with was ever hacked (she says no; the FBI says Sidney Blumenthal and others were indeed hacked by “hostile actors”)
  • Whether any of this was allowed (she says yes; the FBI says, “None of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system. They were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”)

Meanwhile, we’re constantly being told that her time as Secretary of State is what qualifies Hillary to be President. So by that logic, sending classified information over an unsecured email account, using multiple devices to do so, lying about the entire thing and thereby putting our national security at risk is what makes Hillary Clinton more qualified to be our President than Donald Trump, who is “just” a businessman with a TV career. Does this sound right to you? It sure doesn’t to me.

But with more police brutality cases coming to light this week, the media can breathe a sigh of relief that they have something else to talk about. But I’m not letting any of this go, and you shouldn’t be either.

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