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Is Obama setting us up for collapse?

U.S. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi is still sitting in a Mexican prison after making a wrong turn across the border on March 31. Obama has yet to comment, much less do something about the horrendous situation this active soldier still suffers. Didn’t he indignantly proclaim that no soldier will be left behind when he unconvincingly tried to justify the release of five viciously dangerous terrorists for one deserter last month? Why doesn’t he make a call to the Mexican government demanding the release of our soldier otherwise prepare to feel our wrath? The world thinks we’re a joke and I don’t appreciate that; I want to be part of a winning team.

The White House last week continued skirting the question of why Obama, during his trip to Texas, had no intention of visiting the border in light of the current immigration catastrophe. The White House maintains that a visit to the border would simply be a photo-op that the president isn’t interested in. If I remember correctly, during Obama’s campaign he criticized Bush for being indifferent because he “saw people from the window of an airplane rather than down here on the ground.”

Obama asserted to the public in yet another vacuous speech that he is “intimately” aware of what is happening at the border. I disagree. Unless you’ve experienced it firsthand you can’t be “intimately” aware. When Dawn and I visited Ground Zero it was the eeriest, most emotional, patriotic, moving, and soul stirring experience of my whole life. I would never have been intimately aware of Ground Zero had we not been there physically.

Obama claimed that under his administration there have been tremendous strides taken in protecting the border, and that the border is the most secure it has been in history. He’s delusional and has no idea what’s going on, not at the border or with anything else. We have idiots running this country.

MSNBC, the most liberal station in the world, sent a reporter to Honduras to ask its citizens why they’re fleeing their country to the U.S. Many of the responses were predominantly gang/drug violence and depressed economy. The reporter uncovered the rumor among Hondurans that the misinterpretation of Obama’s foreign policy is that they would be able to cross the border and allowed to stay in the United States. It is Obama’s foreign policy that has led to this huge influx of illegal immigrants into our borders, and Mexico continues to turn a blind eye and obligingly lets them pass through to our border.

There are cheat sheets written in Spanish distributed among illegal immigrants coaching them on what to say when confronted by a border agent that range from fear of government and the MS-13 gang to reuniting with an aunt who has already crossed the border. This is unbelievable. Consider this in conjunction with the misinterpretation of Obama’s foreign policy and the fact that Baptist and Catholic charities in Texas have received millions of dollars in federal grants for the upkeep and care of minor children who have crossed the border illegally, as well as to shelter and educate illegal adults on how to pass the citizenship test. Why is this administration encouraging the influx of illegal immigrants when we can’t even afford to support the citizens of this country or to feed our own children?

Maybe, just maybe, this country isn’t teetering on whether gay marriage or abortion is legal. There are other more important things that affect America and its citizens such as the abuse of power, a failing economy and the incapacity to support the spike of illegal immigrants. This is what people should take personally and become indignant about because in the bigger picture a person’s sexual orientation is trivial.

Last week Obama smugly asked Republican lawmakers whether they’re more interested in politics or in solving the immigration problem. He suggested to Texas Governor Rick Perry that if the Republicans can “rediscover the concept of negotiation and compromise” there could be a solution in place next week. Obama, when did you exercise your understanding of negotiation and compromise when you changed Obamacare numerous times without congressional approval, or when you deemed Congress was in recess and allowed yourself to make numerous recess appointments, again, without congressional approval. And let us not forget how you egregiously broke the law you signed and released five dangerous Taliban leaders back into the theater of war without congressional approval, putting American lives in danger. Whose side are you on, Mr. President?

Ed Hoffman is the host of the Main Event on AM590 which airs Saturday 9:30AM- 10:30AM and Sunday 4:00PM- 5:00PM.

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