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Inland Empire Business News August 13, 2014.003
Inland Empire Business News August 13, 2014.003

Obama’s actions merit condemnation

I am writing in response to the letter Bill Phillips of Murrieta submitted, “Obama’s actions merit approval.” I would like to convey my utter and complete disagreement with all of the points presented in his opinion piece, which I find inaccurate, ignorant and inane. I will dissect each of Phillips’ claims that fail to support President Barack Obama as a competent and effective leader, and conversely I will prove why Obama is in all reality an incompetent leader who has steered our country in the wrong direction.

Phillips claimed that Obama ended two wars and averted unnecessary loss of lives. In reality, the war in Iraq was finished under the Bush administration, except for the removal of troops. Military leaders advised Obama to allow 17,000 – 19,000 troops to remain in Iraq for peacekeeping purposes, but he failed to heed their expert advice for the sake of “ending” the war and receiving credit for doing so. The Iraqi government requested 10,000 as a compromise; Obama offered 3,000, a clear sign of no commitment to protect the progress made in Iraq. The worsening crisis occurring in Iraq today is a direct result of Obama’s incompetence in acting as a leader. He simply turned Iraq over to ISIS terrorists, and tragically the 4,477 American lives lost in the war was all for nought.

Phillips declared that Obama brought the economy back from the brink of entire collapse. Actually it was the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) established under the Bush administration that initiated economic recovery.

According to Phillips, Obama was responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden as well as disabling pirate attacks on American vessels on the high seas, when in all reality credit belongs entirely to the brave men of the Navy Seals unit.

Phillips claimed that Obama successfully provided health care to 30 million people not previously insured, but statistics only prove that 8 million people signed up for health coverage since the Affordable Care Act was enacted. And of that 8 million it’s impossible to tell how many of them had lost insurance or have to pay more because of Obama’s law.

In regards to the national budget deficit, Phillips maintains that Obama cut the deficit in half. The spending cuts that reduced the budget deficit came from a sequester that was supposed to be a land mine for Republicans to influence them to go along with Obama’s spending cuts, but to this day the President finds it unnecessary to forge a narrative with the Republican Party and circumvents the lack of GOP support through recess appointments and executive order. The only people the President is interested in communicating with are his senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and his friends he appointed as White House staff. Even if the deficit has been reduced, there still exists a deficit.

Phillips alleged that Obama saved the American auto industry, no he didn’t. All Obama did was impede them from going through normal bankruptcy proceedings which would have dissolved union contracts, and by doing so he allocated 55 percent control of the auto industry to the United Auto Workers. Obama effectively gave the auto industry back to the same organization that destroyed it.

Obama protected women and gay Americans, Phillips wrote in his opinion piece. He protected women and gay Americans? How?

The stock market has advanced to highest levels ever, maintained Phillips in Obama’s defense. Anyone who leaves their investment in the stock market is in for a very rude awakening when the market will inevitably crash in the near future in such a magnitude that will shame the financial meltdown in 2008. I have been forecasting the impending collapse for some time now, and other big brokers including Warren Buffet are echoing the same conviction.

When it comes to Obama’s popularity Phillips affirmed that Obama is only the fourth president in history to receive over 330 electoral votes in both elections, and is the only president to receive 51 percent of the popular vote in both elections since Eisenhower. I wonder how many electoral votes Obama would have received if he told the truth about Benghazi or other scandals. And he won the popular vote with now-broken promises of change, additionally, there were many voting sites which had 100 percent of the vote going to Obama. To me, that’s suspicious, especially when there were reports of Black Panther members prohibiting some people from voting.

Obama wouldn’t be in the White House if he hadn’t mobilized a slew of unintelligent, unthinking and ignorant citizens. Most of the people who voted for Obama probably wouldn’t be able to answer four simple questions, which I believe all voters should be asked before permitted to cast their votes: How do you spell the United State of America? Who is the first president? The 16th president? And finally, who is our current vice president?

In conclusion I believe that everyone who voted for Obama, including you, Bill, are ignorant of American history, the foundations of American Greatness, and how our American economy works. If you all believe this country is headed in the right direction, think again. We need true American leader with Judea/Christian beliefs in the White House who understands what it was that made this country a great nation, what peace through strength means, how to protect our homeland and enforce the laws of this land. Our country deserves and demands a great leader who knows what needs to be done to preserve the greatness that once defined America. That person is not Barrack Hussein Obama.

Ed Hoffman is the host of the Main Event on AM590 which airs Saturday 9:30AM- 10:30AM and Sunday 4:00PM- 5:00PM.

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