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Inland Regional Center
Inland Regional Center

Part of Inland Regional Center Could Reopen Soon

Two office buildings at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, where 14 people were shot and killed Dec. 2, are expected to reopen soon.

No exact date has been set for the reopening of Buildings 1 and 2, and Building 3 – where the shootings occurred – will remained closed indefinitely, Leeza Hoyt, spokeswoman for the regional center, said Wednesday.

“It’s a very fluid situation, especially with Building 3 because the FBI is still investigating there and it’s still considered a crime scene,” Hoyt said of three-building complex at 1365 S. Waterman Ave. “It’s just a matter of when they decide it’s safe for people to go back inside. But we may have more solid information on the first two buildings in a day or two.”

The regional center is a non-profit agency that serves approximately 30,000 people with developmental disabilities.

The shooting took place in a conference room that was being rented for the day to San Bernardino County workers. In a posting on its website, the regional center said it’s looking for temporary office space to serve its clients.

“These are amazing people who are doing amazing work under the most difficult circumstances imaginable,” said Hoyt, who was hired by San Bernardino County to help with media inquiries relating to the tragedy.

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