Monday , June 5 2023
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Restoring Common Sense

You’d never know it thanks to the media refusing to turn its attention away from protests against police officers but believe it or not, there are other things going on this week. First, the congressional hearings on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are still in process. That’s right, it didn’t end with FBI Director James Comey’s testimony last week. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is still testifying and like everyone else involved in this mess, she’s still lying. She’s lying about whether she knows if it’s legal to lie under oath or not, and whether she knows if it’s legal or illegal to share classified information with people who have no security clearance. This is the highest lawyer in the land, pretending not to know whether these cut-and-dry transgressions are legal or illegal. How ridiculous is that?

Speaking of legal authorities acting “stupidly” (I’ll borrow a phrase from Obama there): Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is attacking Donald Trump this week, and even the New York Times sees a problem with it. You know it’s bad when they notice; how could they not, when Supreme Court justices are supposed to be politically neutral? We already know where she stands ideologically; she’s a liberal, and that’s fine. But having served 23 years on the Supreme Court, she should know better than to spout off about how the Republican presidential nominee is a “faker” who makes her want to “move to New Zealand.”

I heard that the late Antonin Scalia, an ideological conservative justice who kept his mouth shut on presidential candidates as Supreme Court justices are supposed to, was close friends with her – but honestly, I’m not sure why. Or maybe Ginsburg is just running her mouth because at 83, there’s dementia setting in and she doesn’t know better (in which case, she has no business serving on the Court anymore). Remember how Donald Trump is supposedly unqualified because he had a reality TV show? I’m thinking “RBG,” as the liberal millennials like to call her, thinks she’s on one right now.

But of course, we’re supposed to focus on nothing else this week but the virtues of the Black Lives Matter movement, never mind that five police officers in Dallas are dead. Obama had the gall to delve off into a tangent on how we are all supposed to relate to the grief of Alton Sterling’s parents during the memorial for these fallen officers – hardly the time or place for that. Do that at hismemorial, not theirs. Meanwhile, people are saying Obama hasn’t made this country more divided. Are these people living on Jupiter? Those of us who understand reality need to teach it to our kids and talk about it to our co-workers, friends and families, no matter how uncomfortable that seems. It might be the only way to restore common sense.

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