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SB County lieutenant honored by LA Kings

A member of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department was honored Sunday by the Los Angeles Kings before the start of their playoff game with the Vegas Golden Knights.

Lt. Jim Considine, who was severely wounded while on duty in a 1997 shooting, was named  “Hero of The Game” and was recognized: during the national anthem and again from his seat during the game.

Considine, a devoted Kings fan, probably could not have received higher tribute.

“It was the thrill of a lifetime, to be down on the ice and have 20,000 people cheering for you,” said Considine, who was shot four times and had his leg amputated as a result of the incident. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

“I’m a big hockey fan and I would do this for any team, but being a huge Kings fan makes it even better.”

Considine, 56, had been with the department for seven and a half years when he was shot by an assailant using an AK-47 assault riflle. After an eight-year hiatus from law enforcement he returned to the department and worked his way up to his present position, commander of a specialized division.

“I went back and passed all of the physical stuff, just like if I was a recruit,” said Considine, who wears a prosthetic leg. “I had to compete against the younger guys, but I did it. I passed the SWAT test and ended up back in the field.”

His shooting had an amazing twist, one that involved a well-known Inland Empire manufacturer.

During the exchange of gunfire, Considine held up his flashlight, blocking one of the bullets before it struck him in the chest. The flashlight, a Maglite, was made by Mag Instrument Inc., the Ontario company that makes heavy-duty flashlights favored by law enforcement.

“No question it saved my life,” Considine said of the flashlight, which kept shining after it was struck by the bullet. “I lost so much blood I was sure I was going to die anyway.”

Anthony Maglica, founder and owner of Mag Instruments, gave his thumbs up to Considine’s public recognition.

“When we discovered what Jim had achieved, especially with our close connection to law enforcement, we at Mag Instrument were compelled to see his story told,” Maglica said in a statement.

Considine, was previously honored by the Ontario Reign, a Kings affiliate, said he has no plans to retire soon.

“I love the department and I love the division, so there’s no reason for me to quit,” he said. “I’m in this for the long haul.”

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