Monday , June 5 2023
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The DNC: Corruption and Charades

By Ed Hoffman

If you watched the coverage of the Republican National Convention last week, then you heard about all the problems Republicans supposedly have with unity and leadership. This week, it’s the Democrats’ turn – and clearly, that party has plenty of its ownproblems.

The Democratic National Committee chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz – referred to by conservative media as “Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz,” a title I wholeheartedly endorse – is being forced to resign as I write this on Monday, in light of WikiLeaks publishing emails that expose her for the fraud she is. The emails show that Schultz and her cohorts colluded heavily in an attempt to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign so that Hillary Clinton could run unopposed in the primaries. And they want you to believe Republicans are the ones who have a problem with their presidential nominee?

The Democrats will no doubt refer to this DNC scandal as a creation of the imaginary “right-wing media machine” they like to malign (in other words, Fox News and conservative talk radio. They essentially own the rest of the media). Remember, Hillary Clinton could commit mass murder on live TV and it would somehow be the right wing media’s fault. It’s their only fallback; how else could they possibly explain or justify what they did?

Someone who wants to give the Democrats the benefit of the doubt might say, “Was it that bad, really?” Well, you tell me. Answer these questions:

  • Was it bad that the DNC’s own chief financial officer suggested they undercut Sanders in the media by getting “someone” (a journalist) to ask Sanders, a non-religious Jew, about his belief in God in the hopes that it would paint him as an atheist in front of Southern Baptist voters?
  • Was it bad whether DNC employees discussed how they could move one big-money donor from the seat next to President Barack Obama at a DNC event in favor of another donor who gave slightly more money? Is it bad that the email states, “It would be nice to take care of (the bigger donor) from the DNC side”?
  • Is it bad that Debbie Wasserman Schultz herself called Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver a “damn liar,” “scummy” and an “ass” in a series of emails?

Donald Trump was absolutely right when he said, “The system is rigged.” Obviously, it is – but all the rigging is on the Democrat side, where the efforts to prop up the candidate that the party establishment wanted worked like a charm. Remember that when you tune in to the DNC this week and see their fake plastic smiles, phony family talk and contrived efforts at convincing you they’re the only ones who care about “real” Americans. It’s the biggest charade there is.

Ed Hoffman is host of The Main Event on AM590, which airs Saturday 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM and Sunday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Follow him on Twitter @EdHoffman, and like him on Facebook by searching The Main Event 590.

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