Sunday , June 23 2024
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Tune in to The Main Event this Saturday morning at 9:30 on AM 590

Tune in to The Main Event this Saturday morning at 9:30 on AM 590 with host Ed Hoffman as he discusses national, regional and local current events, as well as trends in the local real estate market with unique, witty and irreverent flair.

Ed begins this week’s segment with a letter addressed to Barack Obama by veteran and triple amputee Brian (?) Jr., who blasts the president for his obvious disdain for America and his utter failure in leading this country. He holds the president accountable for the VA scandal, among others, that resulted from his incompetent administration. Listen to this veteran’s passion as he speaks on behalf of his fellow Americans.

The VA scandal is all over the news this week and Ed interviews two veterans separated by a generation who have suffered needlessly due to gross mismanagement of the VA health care system.

Nick Cowan, a 37-year-old veterans who served overseas for over nine years and is one of Ed’s top loan officers, has waited over four months to get an appointment for a neck injury. He finally gave up.

Meet Ray Apodaca, 69. He served in the Navy from 1963 – 1965 on the Destroyer ship and was stationed at Pearl Harbor and served in Vietnam. His story is a tragic one. He survived the war, but due to the VA system’s negligence in identifying an obvious mass as cancer, he will eventually pay the ultimate price and leave his beloved wife, Sharon, a widow.

Ed asks both veterans and Sharon who they believe is ultimately responsible for the VA scandal. Ed weighs in on the issue and highlights for us how negligent the Obama administration has proven itself.

Catch Ed Hoffman, host of The Main Event, on air this Saturday at 9:30 a.m. with encore presentations at 9 p.m., and Sunday at 4 p.m.

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