Sunday , May 26 2024
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Inland Empire Nursery to Reduce Water Use
Inland Empire Nursery to Reduce Water Use

Upgrade of home water fixtures would save water

California can do much to ease its drought crisis by upgrading older homes with modern fixtures, according to an official with the California Building Industry Association.

“More than half of the state’s 7.5 million homes were constructed before 1980, which means they are still equipped with old fixtures that use up to three times more water than new homes today,” said Robert Raymer, senior engineer and technical director for the California Building Industry Association. “We still have a major problem with unnecessarily high water use in homes across the state.”

Raymer will address this and other drought-related topics at the annual San Bernardino County Water Conference, scheduled to be held Aug. 22 at California State University, San Bernardino.

The conference is sponsored by the association’s Baldy View chapter.

The state could save more than 300 billion gallons of water annually by making the proper residential upgrades, according to Raymer.

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