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Inland Empire Opinion.001

Use Your Time Wisely

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been introduced to, worked with and been counseled by Ruben Estrada. Almost one year ago to the day, Ruben left us after a long and tough battle with cancer. Ruben was incredibly stoic, strong and positive (at least when I was with him) during the whole of his ordeal. Although he admitted having difficult and dark times he remained a bright light in my life until he passed leaving a void that will never be quite filled. Ruben was a unique character and the world is a less interesting place without him.

While suffering from cancer Ruben continued to see clients (like me and my wife) and in fact increased his workload by taking on the task of launching a new business venture and working on his long time dream of turning his many years of business CEO Coaching into a book so his wisdom and wit could reach many more people. That book publishes today and you can find a feature story about Ruben, his journey and his book launch in the business features section of

As my Mother nears her end in a hospital room in Sacramento and I reflect on the back to back losses of my Father and then shortly thereafter Ruben so close together last year, I find myself contemplating the mystery of our time on this planet and why so many good people are taken from us, many of them too early. The one lesson I can draw from is to use your time wisely. Hold those who are dear – dearly. Tell the people you love that you love them – early and often. Laugh and cry with your friends.

But most of all – use your time wisely – Ruben did and the book is further proof of that.

At the time of publication, Lou Desmond’s mother had passed away at the age of 85.

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