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Robin Williams Will Be Missed.001
Robin Williams Will Be Missed.001

What will our verse be?

Last week we lost beloved Robin Williams who touched every person he met and those he didn’t through his humanity, compassion and humor on and off the screen. Many of the roles he portrayed highlight the human spirit and the importance of making one’s place in the world while embracing life passionately. Just as Williams’ character in Dead Poets Society asks, I ask you, “what will your verse be?”

Much of the news last week evolved around the officer involved shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which incited nightly protests involving Molotov cocktails, looting and vandalism. These protests came about before all the facts were revealed involving the incident, and yet these uncivilized rioters believe this is how justice should be shown.

Brown, a brawny 300-pound, 6’4” teenager, was involved in a convenient store robbery where surveillance cameras showed him roughing up the store clerk. Police were consequently called and responded to the robbery, invalidating the argument that police confronted him because of racial profiling. No one yet knows how, but Brown fell on top of the officer in the cop car prior to the shooting.

What I find unusual is that President Barack Obama made a statement in regards to the shooting incident, and Attorney General Eric Holder held a private meeting with the Brown family. Since when does the U.S. attorney general show partiality by making house calls before a full investigation has been conducted? And it’s very rare that an AG would order a third, federal autopsy as he did so on Monday. I have to wonder why the president and Holder would get involved in this incident, is it because the victim is black? Brown, who posted pictures on Thug Life throwing gang signs, is supposed to be considered a wholesome 18-year-old?

We still have an active duty marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, imprisoned in Mexico since March 31 without any mention from the president. If Ambassador Chris Stevens or the two American Navy Seals, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, slain in the Benghazi attacks, were black, would there have been more of an effort by the White House to send increased security that were repeatedly requested?

What if the convenience store clerk accosted by Brown was black and he shot Brown, would anyone have cared then? Would the president have become involved? Racism should be directed at the White House. I’m sick and tired of hearing people cry “racism” every time an incident involves a black “victim.” It’s getting old to people like me who diligently work to pay our taxes, support our troops, strive to be good Americans and raise responsible Americans. It’s getting old.

Switching gears to the situation in Iraq: Obama pulled all the troops out prematurely, and for the last five years has repeatedly proclaimed that he fulfilled his promise to end the war in Iraq. As a result of Obama not heeding the expert advice of military generals to leave 17,000 – 19,000 troops on the ground for peacekeeping purposes, or even 10,000 as requested by the Iraqi government, the terrorists have seized the opportunity in taking back what 4,477 soldiers gave up their lives for, just so Obama can say he ended the war.

As the military conflict and humanitarian atrocities escalated in Iraq, Obama finally decided to send in military air strikes, and in a recent interview he told the reporter that he was surprised by the frequency he is asked why there were no ground troops left in Iraq, “as if (he) had anything to do with it,” and blamed the previous administration. He smugly proclaimed countless times in speeches that he ended the war in Iraq! I’m not surprised that once again our fearless leader has contradicted himself and cast blame on Bush.

The Obama-ordered airstrikes in Iraq aren’t enough to defeat ISIS and ISIL. I think we should carpet bomb the area, and before you protest that children will be killed, let me remind everyone that those children are taught to kill infidels – that’s us. There’s no saving these people who believe their sole mission is to kill us non-Muslims. We need to exterminate them before they exterminate us. It’s not a regional problem with ISIS and ISIL, it’s very much an international problem. It’s scary what’s happening over there; they are decapitating Christian and Jewish children. Don’t think it’s not coming here, exacerbated by the fact that we have a gaping southern border and we don’t know who anybody is anymore entering our country. On top of that, illegals are permitted to roam around without an ID card. Secure the border and eliminate impending threat from terrorists. We need an American running the White House, rather than a bunch of idiots who are destroying the once beautiful verse of America.

Ed Hoffman is the host of the Main Event on AM590 which airs Saturday 9:30AM- 10:30AM and Sunday 4:00PM- 5:00PM.

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