Tuesday , October 3 2023
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Amazon Fresh to open Murrieta store

Amazon workers seek union election

Workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Moreno Valley have taken the first step toward holding a union election.

The employees have petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for permission to hold a union election, the first time workers at an Amazon facility in California have made that request, according to multiple reports.

All are seeking to join the Amazon Labor Union, which recently formed a union at an Amazon fulfillment center in New York.

At least 30 percent of the 800-workers in Moreno Valley unit must approve the election.

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  1. It’s great to hear that some workers want a Labor Union. I was let go in February 2022, because of a false accusation. If I had a representative from a labor’s Union, I would still have my job, today. I can never work for any Amazon company again. Great job! I hope and pray this Labor Union goes through. 🙏

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