Thursday , March 30 2023
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CSUSB gets federal grant

Cal State San Bernardino’s Cybersecurity Center has received $12 million from the federal government.

The two-year grant from the National Center of Academic Excellence will be used to develop cybersecurity partnerships with other universities and colleges throughout the United States, according to a statement on the university’s website.

“Our region is taking critical steps towards investing in our young people and strengthening our national security,” said State Sen. Pete Aguilar, D-San Bernardino, in the statement.

“I’ve been an advocate for federal funding for the Cal State San Bernardino Cybersecurity Center, because I know the potential of our students. I look forward to seeing them grow and thrive in our community.”

Ultimately, the goal is to create more cybersecurity workers nationwide, a sector that is now about 700,000 workers short of what it needs, said Tony Coulson, the Cybersecurity Center’s executive director.

The National Center of Academic Excellence is part of the National Security Agency. The center could give the Cybersecurity Center an additional $5 million in three years, according to the statement.

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