Sunday , July 14 2024
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Riverside gets housing grant

Grant will help San Bernardino resident’s pets

San Bernardino has received $125,000 grant that will help residents pay for veterinary services.

The grant from the University of California’s Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program –  More Pets and People Together – can be used for spay and neutering, according to a statement on the city’s website.

The voucher program is available with participating local veterinarians.

“This grant will help us get much needed veterinary care to the pets in our community,” said Kris Watson, the city’s animal services director, in the statement. “Pet care is expensive, and this grant will help our residents’ dogs and cats stay healthy and happy.”

Information regarding participating veterinarian offices and program eligibility will be available in February. Vouchers for care are expected to be ready in March.

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  1. I’m on social security, the voucher would be so helpful to pay for my pet’s care. Is it one voucher per pet? How and where do I apply for the voucher?

  2. I could absolutely benefit from this program,I have an ESA dog and he is gmfir sleep my seizures and depression that I suffer from ….vet bills can be so costly high for me as we are already a low income family struggling as it is. Ty for this grant money to hopefully help every family or people like me ty god bless!!

  3. I can use help to spay and neuter my pets

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