Wednesday , June 7 2023
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High Desert residential parcel up for sale

High Desert residential parcel up for sale

A 120-acre parcel in Victorville meant for residential development is up for sale.

Stoddard Creek has been approved for 319 single-family homes on lots of at least 5,000 square feet, according to WD Land in Irvine.

“It’s a good sized property for the area,” said Curt Crandall, partner with WD Land. “It’s also pretty close to being ready for development. “It’s entitled, so whoever buys it could start working it right way.”

Stoddard Creek is located south of the Interstate15 and west of Stoddard Wells Road, less than five miles from the Southern California Logistics Center. Final engineering has started on the project’s first phase.

The owner, an Arizona developer who wishes to remain anonymous, would prefer to sell the land all at once but is no hurry complete a deal.

“He’s not strapped for cash,” Crandall said of the owner.  “He’s looking for about $50,000 per lot [just under $16 million] and if he doesn’t get that price he probably won’t sell. He’s not going to take a loss.”

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