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IEBD Top Lists FAQ

Q: Why is my company not included in the list?
A: For the most part we rely on company surveys conducted by our staff. Perhaps we did not receive a response from your company, or perhaps we did not have your company listed in a particular category. In either case you can fill out the form on www.iebusinessdaily.com and fax to (909) 533-2372.

Q: How can I make sure my company is added to the list?
A: Again, please take a moment to fill out the form on www.iebusinessdaily.com and fax to (909) 533-2372.

Q: Where do you get your information about local companies?
A: Our information comes primarily from the company themselves through our phone based survey. We also supplement that information with information from market research companies such as Manta and Google searches.

Q: Why are some lists ranked by number of employees and others ranked by revenue or number of clients?
A: We use what we view as the best information for each list. As our focus is on business and the region, most times ranking by local employees or accounts will show our region’s business and economic strength. Also, many businesses may not be comfortable sharing revenue figures or other sensitive data.

Q: How frequently do you update your lists?
A: Lists are surveyed annually. depending on when the list is published. Companies can update or submit their information throughout the year.

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