Monday , February 26 2024
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Kaiser adds to its MoVal medical center

Kaiser adds to its MoVal medical center

Kaiser Permanente will soon open a $200 million facility in Moreno Valley.

The 93,000-square-foot Diagnostic & Treatment Building is next door to Kaiser’s existing facility at 27300 Iris Ave. and is expected to begin treating patients in mid-August, according to a statement on the city’s website.

A ribbon cutting was held on June 27.

The facility, which will serve all of Riverside County, includes operating rooms, pre-and post-surgery care areas, a six-bed neonatal intensive care unit, and an interventional radiology area. It will provide general surgery, pathology, diagnostic, and clinical laboratory services.

“This Diagnostic & Treatment Building embodies Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to bringing high-quality and effective healthcare to the community,” said Mayor Ulises Cabrera in the statement.

“It will create many new jobs and show that the future of modern healthcare in Southern California is right here in Moreno Valley.”

Kaiser Permanente opened its Moreno Valley Medical Center in 2008.

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  1. What we really need is for Kaiser in Moreno Valley to open a Urgent Care center so we residents don’t have to make that God awful trip to Riverside!!

    • I agree. Kaiser Permanete does not see it from the needs of their patients but what costs them less monet to build. I will not be taking the drive into Riverside anymore for any reason. I will change Health Plans before then. Now I protect my life. I don’t trust them anymore. And that sad after more than 30 years with them.

  2. Wow! It is wonderful that Kaiser Permanent is adding more medical I’m hoping that some day soon They will add an Urgent Care Unit, so we don’t have to drive to Riverside Medical Center.. Great job Kaiser!

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