Sunday , June 23 2024
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Cal State University San Bernardino receives grant money

Legislators call for more funding to help homeless, build affordable housing

Some state lawmakers are recommending that $3 billion be included permanently in the state budget to be spent on affordable housing and reducing homelessness.

More than two dozen assembly members and senators have signed a letter supporting the League of California Cities’ request for that funding, according to a statement released May 25 by the league.

“Cities across California have an urgent need for this funding, as they struggle to provide long-term homelessness services and find themselves diverting funding from other programs,” said Assemblywoman, Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton, the letter’s author in the statement.

“With an ongoing investment from the state, we can prevent more individuals from losing their homes, and establish effective homelessness programs.”

Three billion dollars in permanent funding every year would replace the state’s current “patchwork” approach to paying for homeless assistance and affordable housing, according to the statement.

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