Thursday , November 30 2023
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ONT nearly back to pre-pandemic passenger levels

ONT using facial ID technology on foreign travelers.

Ontario International Airport has installed a system meant to speed up the wait time for international travelers entering the United States.

Operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Simplified Arrival uses facial data to automate the document checks normally done by hand that are required for admission into the country, according to a statement on the airport’s website.

When they arrive, international travelers will pause for a photo, which will be compared with photos already on file with the U.S. government, like passport and visa photos. That process takes only a few seconds.

“Ontario International Airport is proud to partner with Customs and Border Patrol in providing arriving international passengers a more convenient travel experience while also enhancing the safety and security of the inspection process,” said Atif Elkadi, chief executive officer of the Ontario International Airport Authority, in the statement “Simplified Arrival will play a role in providing a more expedited, and safe, inspection process.”

U.S. citizens – and some foreign nationals who are not required to provide facial data and who wish to opt out of Simplified Arrival – may ask for a manual document check, according to the statement.

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