Thursday , July 18 2024
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Perris moves to district elections

Riverside County to vote on budget

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors will soon vote on a proposed $9.6 million budget for the 2024-’25 fiscal year.

If passed, that will be an 11 percent spending increase compared with the current fiscal budget, according to a statement.

The new fiscal year begins July 1.

“Our priority is to our residents, and ensuring that everyone has access to the vital services that improve their quality of life,” said Board Chair Chuck Washington in the statement. “Continuing to address issues like affordable housing and homelessness head-on is critical, and in the same regard so is public safety.”

The proposed budget recommends spending about $1 million on wildfire prevention, $7 million to begin building a data information hub, $6.1 million to Harmony Haven, a youth center in Beaumont, $2 million to Animal Services, $400,000 to Riverside University Health System and $725,000 to the district attorney’s office.

The proposed balanced budget also sets aside $10 million for unincorporated parts of the county. The five-member board will vote on the budget June 25.

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