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San Bernardino building placed in receivership

San Bernardino building placed in receivership

The former American Sports University Dormitory in San Bernardino has been put into receivership.

In a ruling issued Jan. 18, San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Thomas Garza appointed Richardson Griswold of Griswold Law in Encinitas the property’s receiver, according to a statement on the city’s website.

The building at 340 West Fourth St. has been a problem for the city, having fallen into serious disrepair while being used for un-permitted housing. Persons living there were “subjected to unsafe and unlivable conditions,” including black mold, non-working fire alarms and sprinklers, blocked fire escapes and insects and rodents.

San Bernardino has spent the last 18 months trying to get control of the property.

“We are pleased that Judge Garza has granted our motion to appoint a receiver,” said City Manager Charles Montoya. “He agreed that the site conditions have likely worsened since we made our initial request for a receiver a year ago, and that the property poses a danger to the community.”

Griswold may now rehabilitate the property, sell it or demolish the building. If it’s sold, the buyer must agree to restore the site and correct all of the problems the city has identified with the structure, according to the statement.

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  1. THATS A SHAME…THAT chop-suey’ SUE paid her own corrupted construction COMPANY to sit across a street of that 34o W. 4th ST. S.B CA and act- and SAY they are waiting to/be PAID for there REHAB of the SPORTS dorm. 7million and from what I understand THE COURT RULED it in the hands of that construction company? SO in reality SHE still OWNS it. And HER corrupted construction company has another JOB to re- due and deconstruct THE carosel MALL🤬🥵😡 THATS a SHAME!!!! AND she still OWNS the LIQUOR store on 3rd Street that has apartments on TOP. SHE uses the people and even has private meetings with her tenants and pays THEM on the side to be her FALL guy!!! And THOSE tenants have KIDS and can’t SPEAK up for themselfs….!!! And those people are ALL on LOW-INCOME. SHE pays the chump-CHANGE. And makes some of them mngers of SLUM-lordS….:( SHAME on TIPSY NAIL SHOP on 2nd sTreet.

    • For those who don’t #KnowWhoFromSUE, @Paul Moreno, please DO ELABORATE. Those of us who’ve been going through this UNFETTERED MESS for more than a few years “Get it.” Please explain in Layman’s Terms what you’re alluding to.

      THIS Is just ONE EXAMPLE of why we MUST Clean Up City Hall IMMEDIATELY. The MARCH Elections are a #GR8PlaceToStart. THREE CITY COUNCIL SEATS are available to be 🙏 Cleaned Up. #JustDoIt Friends! Barbara Babcock, 7th Ward Resident

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