Thursday , May 30 2024
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San Bernardino to repave 21 streets

San Bernardino will repave 21 streets for an estimated $8.7 million.

The city council recently approved the project, which will cover five and a half miles of roadway citywide according to a statement on the city’s website.

Matich Corp., a Riverside construction and engineering company that specializes in asphalt projects, was awarded the project by the city council. Work is expected to start in May and be finished by October.

“Improving five and a half miles of streets throughout the City demonstrates our commitment to not only bettering the quality of life for our residents but also for everyone who visits and works in San Bernardino,” said Charles Montoya, city manager, in the statement.

The twenty-one streets were selected based on a study completed three years ago.

About $6 million of the money for the project will come from the city’s Measure S local sales tax funds, while nearly $2 million will come from the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program. Measure I and Senate Bill 1 Gas Tax funds will provide the remain funding, according to the statement.


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  1. angel f huerta jr

    All they’re doing is main streets they’re not doing residential residence citizens of San Bernardino communities or San Bernardino California neighborhoods of San Bernardino city I’m from residence of San Bernardino if you want to talk let’s talk because decades not months not years decades of years they haven’t done any repayment I’ve been going to the city meetings I’ve been going to the mayor’s calling the mayor’s years and years you want to talk let’s talk because this is ridiculous we be taxes years after years of years taxes for the stuff to be done and my neighborhood is dark

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