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New Laws for 1099 Independent Contractors

By Tim Kolacz In the great land of opportunity, we always want more. We want to be better than yesterday. We want to go further, faster, higher (and an Olympian, I guess). Are we the best athlete, professor, insurance broker, coach of your kid’s AYSO soccer team? As business owners, …

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Entrepreneurs: A Fascinating Group of People!

By Eugene E. Valdez, AKA The Loan Doctor For more than 40 years I have been fascinated with the subject of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. I have lent money to them, interviewed them, written about them, consulted and coached them, and I have been one for over 15 years, (Still am!). …

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Applying for a business loan? What does bankable mean?

By Eugene E. Valdez, AKA The Loan Doctor All of my current banking & finance consultant clients were initially consulting prospects. They were brave souls who attempted to navigate the murky waters of the commercial banking industry on their own and out of frustration and bewilderment hired me. They failed …

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Commercial Banking Loans….Relationship or Numbers?

By Eugene E. Valdez AKA The Loan Doctor In many areas of our life such as  business and sports there is an almost fanatical obsession with using metrics, KPI’s, analytics and  spread sheets to issue proposals and  to evaluate and monitor individual and company performances. Numbers… Numbers…. Numbers…. Are we …

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Winding down to get wound up

By Tim Kolacz As the Summer comes to a close and Labor Day is behind us, it’s a great time to wind down from the busy past few months. Reflecting on the vacations, watering the kids and watching them grow into bigger people with a great zeal for life, and …

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Why not a Deferred Sales Trust?

By The Loan Doctor AKA Gene Valdez The 1031 Exchange Many of my CEO clients invest in real estate to diversify their revenue streams.  Most commonly they own the commercial building in which they operate their business. Many of my clients decide to sell their building for many reasons that …

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