Tuesday , September 26 2023
UCR ranked among top universities

UCR asked to join prestigious AAU

UC Riverside will join the Association of American Universities, a move that will help the school’s chances of getting federal research funding.

The association, which lobbies Congress on behalf of its members, extended the invitation on June 1, according to a statement on the university’s website.

UC Riverside’s membership is scheduled to begin July 1.

“This is a historic moment for UC Riverside and one of the greatest achievements in campus history,” said Chancellor Kim Wilcox, who made association membership one of his primary goals when he became chancellor 10 years ago. “It’s difficult to overstate what this means for the university, in terms of the new collaborations with other member universities.

“Membership means UC Riverside has a seat at the table where the future of higher education will be shaped.”

Universities are asked to join the association based on several criteria, including their research funding, faculty honors, and faculty membership in national academies.

UC Riverside was admitted with five other universities: Arizona State University, University of South Florida, University of Notre Dame, University of Miami, and George Washington University.

These are the association’s first admissions in four years. The 123-year-old institution, which is based In Washington, D.C. now has 71 members.

“UC Riverside’s research and graduate education profile has reached a point where it qualifies as one of America’s leading research universities,” the association said in a statement.


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