Saturday , September 24 2022
Homeless Crisis in Riverside

Victorville uses federal money to help homeless

Victorville is accepting applications for a recovery program meant to help homeless shelters and housing nonprofits hurt by the pandemic.

Awards of up to $100,000 per application are being offered through the Homeless Shelter and Housing Services Recovery Program, which the city council approved on Sept. 21.

Council members approved an allocation of $2 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to establish the recovery program, which will allow qualified nonprofits to recover lost revenue and continue helping homeless people in Victorville.

Applications are being accepted through Nov. 30.

“We rely heavily on the beneficial services provided by our local nonprofit homeless providers,” said Victorville Mayor Debra Jones in a statement.“Unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused many of these agencies to experience a decrease in grant funding, donations, and fundraising opportunities. We are very pleased to provide financial assistance so these agencies can continue their valuable service to our community.”


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