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New Business Website hits Inland Empire.001
New Business Website hits Inland Empire.001

Why This Website Matters

The Inland Empire is the Rodney Dangerfield area of Southern California.  “We can’t get no respect.”  In fact, our coastal cousins think so little of us that a Facebook page was recently created in Orange County called “Go Home 909ers.”  The page was in reaction to a riot that broke out after the annual surf competition in Huntington Beach and Inland Empire residents were wrongly blamed  (most of those arrested were from the OC).

The incident may be isolated but the attitude is not.  The article in the LA Times revealed a deeply held disdain for those of us who live here in the Inland Empire.  A number of years ago, development companies were building million-dollar homes in the Inland Empire and when the real estate reporter at the LA Times, at that time, Annette Haddad (unfortunately she passed away from cancer a number of years ago) was told, she was befuddled as to why anyone would buy such an expensive home in the IE when they could afford to buy anywhere else.

When she was taken on a tour of the Inland Empire and showed the project in question she was amazed that the Inland Empire had such things as upscale golf courses and shopping centers.  She actually remarked that the place was so nice “it could be in Burbank or Pasadena!”

We have become convinced through this and many other similar experiences that the ignorance and disdain for our region even by people who should know better, that our economic success is going to have to come from within and not from companies realizing how great the opportunity is and moving to the IE.

So why is this website important?  Because there needs to be a place where businesspeople from the Inland Empire can go and get business news that focuses on the Inland Empire.  We need to know who else is out here doing great things in business.  We need a place for the great brands from this area to tout their successes.  We need somewhere that local business and thought leaders can showcase their talents and demonstrate their expertise.

Everything we need is here.  Every business service you can imagine can be met right here in the Inland Empire.  We need to share our resources with those who support jobs and growth in the Inland Empire.  It is clear that our coastal cousins do not want us at their beaches – but they are perfectly happy to come here and take our money.  will help businesses that connect with it grow their business and knowledge in the Inland Empire – we wish them all success.

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