Tuesday , March 2 2021

Inland officials praise lifting of COVID-19 restrictions

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s decision to remove statewide the regional stay-at-home orders implemented in December because of the pandemic prompted praise from Riverside and San Bernardino County officials.

The decision, announced Monday, means restaurants may again offer outdoor service, hair and nail salons and other personal care services may reopen as long as they meet certain conditions, and retailers may allow more people to enter their stores.

Also, in-person gatherings are now permitted for up to members of three households.

“This is a huge step forward in our recovery,’” said San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman in a statement. “With the vaccine being rolled out throughout the state, I am cautiously optimistic about the year ahead and encourage residents to get vaccinated as soon as they are able.”

“So many of our small businesses that have shouldered significant burden throughout this pandemic can now refocus on their recovery,” said Riverside Supervisor Karen Spiegel in a statement. “We cannot lose sight of the fact that coronavirus continues to be widespread throughout all of Southern California.

“It is absolutely critical that we continue to wear masks, avoid gatherings and practice good hygiene to slow the spread.”

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  1. It is about time the people get some restrictions lifted. We have had our freedom held hostage for almost an entire year. This type of mental abuse is very harmful to many of us.. Everyone believes what the media tells them because we are programmed this way. In less than a year our life’s have been turned upside down over a created pandemic for political reasons. Time to move on and put this in the past,.. life is to precious to let these political figures control you and abuse their power.

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