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3 Steps for Digital Health in 2016

By Daniel Hickey

As we begin the New Year, many people are jump-starting their fitness routines, in hopes of finally getting physically fit. Businesses, on the other hand, are working to become digitally fit. Here’s what you can do make sure your business has the greatest success on the web:

  1. Evaluate your business’ online presence.
    Conducting a digital audit is crucial to understanding where your business’ branding is and where it needs to be. Look at your business’ website as a prospective client who knows nothing about your company. Are you able to find vital information, like how to contact the business and where you’re located, fairly easily?  Are testimonials and a portfolio at a prospective client’s disposal? If you answered no to any of these questions, your website needs to be optimized for maximum usage.
  2. Search your business name.
    Type your business’ name into Google, Bing and Yahoo to see what your customers are saying about your business. Knowing what your customers and clients are saying about your business is critical to building a credible, reliable brand. Have you taken the time to respond to reviews, both good and bad?  By taking the time to respond to these reviews, you’re gaining brand reputation. Potential clients are more likely to hire someone who shows customer appreciation by thanking them for their business or correcting a grievance.
  3. Search your product, services and location.
    Go to Google, Bing and Yahoo and search for your business without typing in your business name. Did your business pop up without typing in the actual company name? If not, you are losing potential business to competitors. One small, yet simple fix can be made: utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). Having great website content and a website that utilizes SEO allows potential clients to find your business in the clutter known as the World Wide Web.

Most business owners don’t have the time (or energy) to dedicate to their digital presence. That’s where a digital marketing firm can be of assistance.

Daniel Hickey is director of creative advertising at Hickey Marketing Group, based in Redlands, California. He can be reached at http://hickeymarketinggroup.com.

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