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Serial entrepreneur launches new venture

Serial entrepreneur launches new venture

Eugene Valdez, CEO of The Loan Doctor & Associates, Inc., a full-service contractual CFO company and the host of CEO To Rainmaker podcast, is never busy enough. His latest venture he calls, “Virtual Mentoring Over the Coffee”, (VMOC) where business owners can meet virtually to tune up their business or ask pointed questions of a 45-year certified business advisor.

Airing twice a month, the CEO To Rainmaker, podcast provides educational content geared to small-to-medium sized business owners, but is one-way communication to the public and Valdez felt the need for more conversation was necessary.

“The podcast is great and provides great advice,” said Valdez. “But there is no interaction between me and my listeners and sometimes an owner has a specific question that needs more discussion.”

Valdez went on to share his business model for VMOC is based on the premise that every small business CEO needs an occasional mentor, especially those in the Inland Empire. The business owner drives the conversation with the topic or challenge they wish to discuss and the amount of time they want to spend over “coffee” with their mentor.

“In my 45 plus years in the industry, I know how valuable it can be to be able to go someone for advice. Meeting virtually means the owner can get their issue dealt with quickly and move on to the next demand for their time,” Valdez continued.

Valdez even offers a money-back guarantee. “If I can’t help the owner, it only makes sense to make it right.”

If you are an Inland Empire-based small business owner and feel occasional business mentoring might be good for you, go to, find the Virtual Meeting Over Coffee page and book a date with minutes based on your budget.

Eugene E. Valdez, a certified business coach, is President and CEO of The Loan Doctor and Associates, Inc., and creator of the CEO to Rainmaker podcast.  He can be reached at 909-230-0024.

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