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Confessions of an Ex-Banker, CEO to Rainmaker Podcast

Confessions of an Ex-Banker, CEO to Rainmaker Podcast

By Gene Valdez

The CEO To Rainmaker Podcast goals are to inspire, motivate, entertain, and increase the executive skills of today’s small business owner. Content is presented by either me as the host or by guests who are experts in their field. The overriding mission is to help owners achieve sustainability and stay in business for a long time.

December is the month of giving and receiving love and if you’re a Christian it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.  For my loyal listeners here is the “love agenda” I have produced for you.  Please mark your calendars, I hope you like my “presents” (the podcast shows).

Scheduled to air on December 6 is “Confessions of An Ex-Banker”. I am the Ex-Banker and I reveal secrets every CEO should be aware of with regards to their commercial banking technology.  On December 20 the title of my show is “Chat GPT”.  This show will discuss the basics of this artificial intelligence tool and how simple it is to use to make you and your business more efficient. My guest, Brian Kennedy Jr. an experienced user of AI technology.

My December 27 show will be short, (5 mins) and it addresses the issues of medical debt and the current state of the US economy.   Check out the shows! ….

Merry Christmas!

Eugene E. Valdez is President and CEO of The Loan Doctor and Associates, Inc., and creator of the CEO to Rainmaker podcast.  He can be reached at 909-230-0024.

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