Wednesday , April 17 2024


Payroll Companies

We’re glad to provide the Inland Empire with the IE Business Daily Top Lists, a comprehensive package of information on local companies in the Inland Empire. Our lists will help you with market research, networking and sales leads. If you are interested in being listed in the IE Business Daily …

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US Supreme Court Decisions May Create IE Chaos

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The United States Supreme Court is poised to make a decision in an Arizona case that may have serious implications for California Congressional Districts. In 2000, Arizona voters passed an initiative that removed redistricting powers from the state legislature and placed it in the hands of an independent appointed commission. …

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Don’t count out Fresh & Easy just yet

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The chain is downsizing, having undergone a bankruptcy filing and an ownership, change, but it’s not giving up on the western U.S. market. Despite its mistakes, Fresh & Easy could still become a player in the hyper-competitive California grocery store industry, according to several analysts. Yes, Fresh & Easy is …

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Don’t look now, but the housing market isn’t exactly booming

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Sales are down over the last six months, and no one seems to know why. Lack of inventory is one possible explanation, along with high prices, but jobs and income are both growing. So why aren’t more people buying houses? Has Southern California’s housing recovery ground to a halt? That …

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County jail populations decline

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Inmate populations at county jails are dropping in California, the result of a ballot proposition passed by voters last November that treats certain drug and property crimes as misdemeanors and not felonies. At the same time, Prop. 47, has lengthened some jail stays not covered by that initiative because jail …

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