Monday , June 5 2023
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CSUSB ranked high for social mobility

Cal State San Bernardino ranked seventh in the nation for social mobility, according to a leading provider of web-based on-demand technologies for higher education. 

Out of nearly 1,450 universities, Cal State San Bernardino was one of seven from California that made the top 10 in CollegeNet’s 2020 Social Mobility Index, according to a statement on the university’s website.

The index measure how well a four-year college or university educates economically disadvantaged students – whose family income is below the national median – at lower tuition and graduates them into good paying jobs.

It’s based on tuition, percentage of economically disadvantaged students, graduation rates, early career net salaries, and endowment at the institution.

“A high SMI ranking means that a college is contributing in a responsible way to solving the dangerous problem of declining economic mobility in our country,” the website states.

UC Riverside ranked 33, California Baptist University  528, UC Redlands 538, and La Sierra 554, according to the statement.

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