Thursday , November 30 2023
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Cal State University San Bernardino receives grant money

Grant will help fight riverbed homelessness

Riverside County has received a $12 million state grant that it will use to reduce homelessness in the San Jacinto riverbed.

The money from the Encampment Resolution Funding Program will pay for “housing, street outreach, and wrap-around services,” to address the issue of homelessness in and around the riverbed,” according to a statement on the county’s website.

“This funding will enable us to expand our efforts and implement comprehensive solutions to address homelessness in and around the San Jacinto riverbed,” said Supervisor Yxstian Gutierrez in the statement. “This is another opportunity to partner with the community to address homelessness”

Gutierrez, who represents the fifth district, helped secure the grant.

Services will include mental health support, substance abuse counseling, and help finding employment. County officials will work with San Jacinto and Hemet to determine exactly how the money will be spent.


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  1. Clark county and they got 90 million and we didn’t see none of it now I live back in San Jacinto California still homeless and even during the pandemic couldn’t get housing so I feel that it is the employees and their family members that always get help I’ve never seen anyone that I know that’s homeless has been homeless for over 5 years and still have not received help and we’re at the riverbank and we haven’t heard nothing about no Grant so that Grant is going in the grantees pocket

  2. I feel you!! I’ve been homeless for 7 yrs and heard about all these grants Riverside county gets to help the homeless but we don’t see none of it. Not here in Riverside anyways.Where’s all the money going??? Its boleshit!!! I want to start a protest. They discriminate against us homeless, kick us 9ut of everywhere. Only offer us a shelter! Um no thanks!! Throw our lil belongings that we have in the trash.. where do they expect us to go?? Just because we’re homeless doesn’t mean we are not human beings.

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