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Tim Kolacz
Tim Kolacz

Move forward

By Tim Kolacz

As you drive towards the end of the year and you look at what you have accomplished in the past eleven months, what stands out to you. Is it the success you had? Is it the thing you completely and totally screwed up? Is it the success you had by learning how to fix that thing you totally screwed up?

A few things happened this week that are very rare. It rained in Southern California and the men’s US National Soccer team fired their coach. The rain came down pretty good for us here. Storm Watch 2016 as the news called it. Most people from the Midwest would just call it rain. As the news broke that Jurgen Klinsman had been released from duty serving the team, an array of people came forward and said that Jurgen’s tactics had been wrong. That he had failed on multiple levels and that he was never the right hire in the first place. This is beside that fact that he has the second highest winning percentage in the history of the men’s National team. That he also went undefeated for an entire year. That he won the Gold Cup a couple of years ago.

As the rain fell, people still decided it was a good idea to text and drive. Accidents were over 500% higher than a normal day. Statistics indicate that since it doesn’t rain much, the roads are more slick after that first rain in a while; that you should be more careful and pay more attention to the roads. Hmm, 500% more accidents.

As Jurgen wakes up this morning, he realizes that the National team is hiring a coach they fired, or non-renewed his contract, ten years ago. As the national team decides how to move forward, they are hiring a coach who is projected to only be in place for 18 months. Who had a reason for not having his contract renewed. Who they know is not the long term solution.

As the rain has washed away the smog in the sky, albeit for only one day, we wake up to a bright and gorgeous morning with that new day smell. We see a smattering of snow in mountains. We look forward to how the day will turn out. We are invigorated to get things going and be better than we were yesterday.

You drive the success of your company. You look at past lessons and learn from them. I drive my team to be better, every day. I look for new ways to motivate, to invigorate, to get my team to provide their best to our clients every day.

As you work on your business today, think about how you can create ideas that are more of an 18 month solution. Think about how your future can learn from your past, but is not bound by it. Know that you will be better tomorrow because you learned from today. Because that’s what we do every single day.

Tim Kolacz provides everything a business needs for their insurance program. He loves Michigan football. He will have had a great day Saturday watching them play Ohio State regardless of the outcome. He watched it with his son. [email protected] 951-779-8730

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