Tuesday , May 30 2023
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Inland Empire News for March 1-3.001
Inland Empire News for March 1-3.001

The racial divide

Last week the world was horrified by the savage decapitation of American journalist James Foley, which was posted up on YouTube with a message from ISIS that many more American hostages will meet the same fate if the U.S. doesn’t cease air strikes over Iraq. I searched for the video, but it was already taken down. President Obama briefly stepped away from his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to grace the American public with a hollow speech condemning the murder, with no promise that justice will be brought to Foley’s murderers. He then boarded Air Force One to continue his vacation. This president is the most disengaged president, and he’s doing nothing to prevent the terrorists from crossing our gaping southern border. They’re not going to stop their brutality and Obama is doing absolutely nothing about it. He needs to resign!

Adrian Moore, the vice president of the Reason Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes libertarian principles, free markets and the rule of law, was on my radio show last Saturday and though we shared some views on the situation in Iraq, I had to disagree with many of his opinions. Moore, a veteran of the first war in Iraq, doesn’t believe that terrorists will attack us on our own soil and that sending troops over to fight will accomplish nothing. I have to disagree with him because of our wide-open southern border where the government is unable to keep track of the tens of thousands of people crossing into our country and disappearing into the crowds. I can assure you that terrorists will, if they haven’t already, take advantage of our lenient border control.

In terms of not sending troops over to Iraq I strongly believe that it is a necessity. We have two options – send troops over there to squash terrorist organizations, or build a wall around this country to ensure no one will seep in.

I think the American public has lost its passion for protecting ourselves after 9/11. There’s rampant apathy – while troops are at war, America is at the mall. We had planted the seeds of civilized living in the Middle East and I truly believe that every human being at heart wants to be free. We should never have pulled out all our troops from Iraq, we should’ve stayed to protect them until they were capable of doing so on their own instead of giving it back to the terrorists, which Obama so successfully accomplished.

This issue in Ferguson, MO concerning the fatal officer involved shooting of Michael Brown has caused violent protests on the streets of the town, including Molotov cocktails thrown at police, looting and vandalism. Why doesn’t anyone consider the fact that the cop who shot Brown suffered critical injury to his eye orbit, which was shattered when Brown attacked him in the cop car. You know why no one’s talking about it, because they would prefer to protract the racial divide and make it about race rather than hearing anything that would implicate Brown was acting like the thug he was.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder paid the Brown family a personal visit last week, and what a great justice system we have that seems to only respond when there’s a black “victim.” Did Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s mother in Florida receive a visit from Holder, or even a mere mention from President Obama? He’s still rotting away in a Mexican prison and to this day there’s not a shred of action or mention from the White House. Is it only the blacks who merit attention? You may argue that Obama freed terrorist “hostage” Bergdahl, who’s white, but let me remind you that he freed him in order to release five high-level terrorists back into the theater of war. Obama proclaims “no soldier left behind,” and yet ironically Tahmooressi is still sitting in a cell since March 31. What is it, Obama, no soldiers left behind or not?

What angers me is that Holder, in a press conference, told the rioters in Ferguson that because of his personal run-in with the law, he understands the mistrust towards police officers and he stands firmly with the people of Ferguson. How does the top justice official of the United States proclaim his support of protesters and not with law enforcement? Do you know why there are more blacks in jail compared to whites? Simply put, crimes committed are higher in black communities than those of whites and I believe it’s because of a lack of effective parenting.

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