Sunday , October 2 2022
UCR Inland Empire.001
UCR Inland Empire.001

UCR professors among top researchers

Ten UC Riverside professors have been named to a list of the most the world’s most influential scientific researchers.

The list, compiled annually by Clarivate Analytics in Philadelphia, names scientific researchers whose work was most often cited by other scientific researchers during the previous 10 years, according to a statement.

This year’s list is based on research paper citations between 2008 and 2018. It covers 21 fields in the sciences and social sciences.

Those on the list are in the top one percent in their fields in producing widely cited studies, according to Clarivate. 

The UC Riverside professors who made the list are:

  • Julia Bailey-Serres, plant and animal science
  • Alexander Balandin, electrical engineering and materials science
  • Pingyun Feng, chemistry
  • Qi Chen, biomedical sciences
  • Hailing Jin, microbiology and plant pathology
  • Sang-Youl Park, plant and animal science
  • Sean Cutler, plant and animal science
  • Timoty Lyons, geosciences
  • Wei Ren, engineering
  • Yadong Yin, chemistry.

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