Friday , March 24 2023
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Apple Valley tightens regulations on street vendors

Apple Valley has adopted regulations regarding street vendors, measures designed to comply with town zoning regulations, and county healthy requirements.

“We want to help protect all of Apple Valley’s current business owners who have fought tirelessly to ensure their doors stay open,” said Mayor Curt Emick in a statement. “This past year has been incredibly difficult for our local businesses, and we want to make sure they do not feel the added burden of competing with others who aren’t playing by the same rules.”

Sidewalk vendors must now obtain a town business license and sidewalk vendor permit, and those who serve fresh and prepared food must have a San Bernardino County health permit. 

Also, sidewalk vendors will only be allowed to set up on public property, or private property with the owner’s consent, and they must submit to a LiveScan criminal background check before being permitted.

Those regulations, adopted recently, are a response to state legislation that limits a city or town’s ability to protect businesses and property owners required to follow the same regulations.

“Not only is this a regulatory issue but a matter of public health as well,” said Code Enforcement Manager Guy Eisenbrey in the statement. “We’re in this together, and the town’s business environment should be consistent.”

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  1. The stores and restaurants deserve this order. Now if San Bernardino County and others would do the same. As you can see the Governor nor other Government don’t seem to care about the people who pay taxes, follow the rules. But at election time they have no problem asking for support.

  2. What about the enforcement after 5pm and Weekends.

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