Monday , May 27 2024
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Exit Planning Helps Maximize Value of Your Business

The Value of Inventory Management

By Edward L. Fixen It’s very interesting that most business owners do not hesitate to buy and invest in insurance to protect their personal and business assets, yet don’t make the nominal investment in an exit plan that protects a business owner’s greatest asset, the value of their business when …

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John Tulac

By John Tulac China is a $10 trillion economy.  China directly and indirectly impacts us. What happens in China affects all of us, wherever we may be and whatever we may be doing.  Even Mom-and-Pop main street businesses are connected to China by the products they sell.  Thus, it is …

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Preparing for the Sale of a Business

Industry Trends for Business Valuation Multiples

By Edward L. Fixen The following list summarizes what I in my experience as a business broker are the top factors that affect and influence business owners ability to sell their business and should be considered years in advance to prepare for the sale of any business.  If you have …

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Why Your Employee Benefit Plan Audit is Not a Necessary Evil

Craig Dart Inland Empire Business Advisor

By Craig Dart Does Your Plan Need to be Audited? Large employee benefit plans (generally defined as plans with greater than 100 participants) and some small plans are required to be audited annually and attach an independent auditors report to the filing of the plan’s tax return; also known as …

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Business Blogging Tips for Every Industry

Hickey Marketing Group

By Daniel Hickey With the rise of social media for business, more companies than ever are establishing their presences on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest…and new platforms are being added all the time. This is great, but I always remind clients that in their efforts to conquer social media, …

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Workers Comp and the End of the Dollar Menu

Tim Kolacz

By Tim Kolacz 99 cent burgers, 10 nuggets for a buck, 99 cent Frosty’s. Sayonara, adios, goodbye, never to be seen again. It’s a reality that people want to make more money and fast food workers all over America want to get paid $30,000 a year. Wait, what? $30,000 a …

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