Tuesday , October 26 2021

Business Advice

“I Can’t Find My Website!”

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In our years of doing marketing, branding, web design, and search engine optimization we have seen quite a few major shifts in the way that consumers interact with brands. Of all of these changes very few that have impacted businesses as much as the way that prospective clients find what …

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It’s all in your HEAD!

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“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. – Hugh Downs Having a positive attitude toward your business and toward life in general may be one of the most important characteristics of successful people. In …

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Business Advice Q&A

Trade finance is a third party or external means of financing the purchase of goods in support of a buyer or the production of goods in support of the seller. It can be done domestically or internationally. Unlike factoring, it is done on a transaction-by-transaction basis and only for creditworthy …

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How to Utilize a Client Profile for Lead Generation

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Knowing who your ideal client is of the utmost importance but applying it is where your efforts pay off. Once you’ve successfully profiled your target client, the ones you want to market to, make sure all of your marketing targets this specific type of client. This next step is taking that profile …

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“I’ve got the Power”

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Remember that bad song from the early 1990’s? Well, they actually had something there for business owners now in the mid 2010’s. You have more power than you may think you do in controlling your rising insurance costs. Previously, I have talked about controlling health care costs by making your …

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