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WHITHER CHINA 2019-2020 Yin and Yang Part Three

By John W. Tulac China’s 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (nobody calls it Red China anymore) was an impressive affair, marred only by the resilient protesters in Hong Kong grimly reminding the world that China’s status in the world today is based on repression …

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WHITHER CHINA 2019 -2020 Yin and Yang Part Two

By John W. Tulac China recently announced that its official growth rate for the previous quarter was 6.2%. It undoubtedly was lower than that. In any event, this is the lowest reported growth rate from China since 1992. China’s growth slowdown is seven years old and is part of a …

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WHITHER CHINA, 2019-2020 All Eyes are on Hong Kong

By John W. Tulac For the last ten weeks, tiny Hong Kong has been playing an increasingly dangerous game of Poke-the-Bear with China.  As protests have turned increasingly chaotic and even violent, China’s patience has about worn out.  What happens next may determine whether Hong Kong has even the slightest …

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WHITHER CHINA 2019-2020 Yin and Yang

By John W. Tulac In the 1980s, there was real concern whether China would have the ability to feed itself. There was even a very thoughtfully written book entitled “Who Will Feed China?” The reality was China was able to feed itself then and now, although China does import food …

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By John Tulac China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations.  Its history can be traced back 5,000 years.  It was the most civilized culture when Europe was in the Dark Ages. China was once and may soon be again the richest country in the world. While most Chinese are …

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