Wednesday , September 22 2021

Palm Springs affordable housing project gets state grant

A planned 71-unit affordable housing project in Palm Springs for senior citizens has received a boost from state of California.

The Department of Housing and Community Development’s has donated $6.4 million to West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation, developer of Aloe Palm Canyon, according to a statement.

That project, which the city council approved unanimously in January, will be built at North Palm Canyon Drive and Stevens Road. The state grant ensures that 25 units – 35.2 percent – will be set aside for seniors who are or have been homeless.

The council, which in May 2020 selected the non-profit housing corporation to develop the project, has pledged $3.8 million toward its completion. Final cost of the project, and how long it will take to build, was not released.

“What a great opportunity for the city,” said Councilman Dennis Woods said in the statement. “What we’re getting is really something extraordinary and outstanding, on a vacant lot, in a part of town that needs a little boost.”

The two-story Aloe Palm Canyon will include a community room with a demonstration kitchen, a computer room, fitness room, laundry room and an outdoor space in the middle of the property.

Offices and resident amenities will be located along Palm Canyon Drive, according to the statement.

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  1. Valerie Milot, LCSW

    This is wonderful news for the city,and especially for people who for whatever reason are homeless. I have small encampment around town where small drops of people have banded together and set up small tents and umbrellas to provide shade. It has been a long time coming ,and discussed and planned. Yet it comes too late for this year’s horrid summer ,which is just starting. The community is an excellent idea as long as properly trained persons with knowledge, expertise in helping others obtain the government programs to which they might be entitled. It is not for the faint of heart,” fill out this application ” , one and done worker. On these very hot & HUMID days when I see persons who are obviously homeless, I feel acute sorrow that such a well- off city , a Destination Resort, can allow this to happen. Yes I probably am one of your bleeding heart liberals, but I do possess the ability to put myself in another’s place.

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