Tuesday , September 26 2023

Riverside approves CARES Act spending

Riverside has decided how it will spend nearly $28 million it received recently from the Cares Act via the state of California.

The plan, approved recently by the city council, includes $2.6 million for shelter beds, $3.6 million for rental help, $3.6 million for business assistance, and $3 million to help people in need buy food, according to a statement on the city’s website.

Another $2.5 million will support children and families, including childcare costs, while more than $2.1 million will help pay for distance learning by Riverside students. The city will also spend upwards of  $1.1 million on laptops and field devices for city employees working remotely.

“This funding will provide life-saving and life-changing relief to Riverside residents and businesses,” Mayor Rusty Bailey said in the statement.

Spending priorities were based on an online survey of Riverside residents. 

The CARES Act is the Trump Administration’s primary relief program for businesses and individuals hurt by COVID-19. The $28 million was part of a payment from California, according to the statement.

Mayors of seven cities, including Bailey, that did not receive a direct payment from the $150 billion federal CARES Act to state, local and tribal governments successfully lobbied Gov. Gavin Newsom for assistance, according to the statement.

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